From #TheGreatAwakening to #TheCosmicAwakening

We have been severing our Soul since the beginning of time and since leaving Source Creator God (the first perspective). In doing this we have had but one mission to encompass more perspective & return full circle in order to start again at the next level of God’s evolution.

This evolution is known as “The Cosmic Awakening”..we have just exited the evolution of “The Great Awakening”.

Starseed = Seeds of the Stars

We are all here on mission for The Cosmic Awakening.  As everything is born from a dying Star, you can see where the term comes from and also, how this makes us closer than we’ve ever known each other to be.

We have ALL originated from the Source (God) upon the birth of the very first Star and we have been separating through the death of stars to gain different perspectives of the One True Source who  was but just one perspective.

The Cosmic Awakening will bring what are known as “Starseeds” closer to the original frequency than ever before.  This will open up new gifts, energies, portals and memories that have never before (or rarely) been experienced in order to serve the Cosmos & on a cosmic level raise ALL frequency.

Welcome!  This time is Ours!

Much Love & Light 李