Light & Dark

God = POSITIVE/good

Satan/Devil = NEGATIVE/evil

The Cosmic Dance

Since the beginning of all creation there existed light and dark. Somehow they attracted yet rejected each other at the same time, remaining inseparable..emotively existing together through everything. .  Light forever creating love, emanating attraction, illumination, positivity, collective energy that desperately sought to become whole peacefully as one..but nothing worked.. 

Dark forever remained objective, reserved

One creation just led to another creation, led to another creation, to another..all light and dark could see was their separate creations apart from one another, and even while they realized each creation was a part of the two of them united and combined together it wasn’t good enough. 

Meanwhile, dark, in his unproductive hidden from the truth of their existence – they actually DO complete one another and one cannot exist without the other.  They can exist apart, but they cannot exist if the other does not. 

also did not see the fact that everything they created was really all contained within each other, so in all actuality, when light and dark created together, they truly were becoming one more and more so..because the more they created the more there was in existence of their togetherness..