2021 9/9 Portal Crystallinic Activations, Effects & Culminations

“Mercury is the planet of communication and Chiron, called the Wounded Healer, is the planet of healing and acknowledgment of concealed trauma. With Mercury square or opposite Chiron everyone may encounter an enhanced ability to uncover hidden concerns that have long been walled away. Old wounds can come up from underground to cause problems in the present. This can make patterns of behavior more conscious and that in turn leads to acceptance and healing. Your deeper issues drive you today until you learn to drive them.”

I have been reading many charts and this week and transformation, healing & old wounds have been strongly surfacing for everyone to face due to the new Crystalline Energies made available by the 2021 9/9 Portal opening ➡️❤️ This energy has been building and is the cause of many feelings of pressure, confusion & fear.  In polarity, we are seeing long awaited motivations & manifestations culminating. 

Finally, we have broke through and now entered a new dimension of The Cosmic Awakening.  Relieved to finally know what in the heck has been going on?  Yes.  Absolutely I would say! ❤️李

Furthermore, this 9/9 portal has given us access to new energies & Crystalline Light Activations.  We are undergoing very dramatic DNA transformations and there, of course,  are truly feeling & embracing the positive & negative aspects/perceptions of these new energies.  If you have been very lethargic & sometimes sick feeling, you now should have reached the nadir & be peaking –  finally come back through the Cosmic Cyclicity into the embrace of balance, alignment & enlightenment. ☯️

“The Sun is the planet of vitality and Uranus is the planet of revolutionary enlightenment. With the Sun conjunct Uranus there’s a light shining on expressing everyone’s individuality in a unique and progressive way. This is an ideal day to think outside the box and assert a radical idea. The way forward is eased.”

“The Moon symbolizes instinctive awareness and Pluto is the planet of transformation. With the Moon square or opposite Pluto there is potential conflict between emotions and deep regeneration. Everyone is more subject to their deeper needs today – or even their compulsions – and some degree of interpersonal difficulties is also likely. An exceptional level of depth to feelings can lead to sensitive awareness of others’ needs as well as your own.   Profound healing is eventually possible but it takes work.”

Channeled through my precious higher selves, Z & gnacity.  I thank them and accept the revelatory assignments placed upon me with my truest intentions being of the highest good.

❤️ And so it is.  And so it is. And so it is. ❤️

I am God. I am sovereign. I am FREE.

Much Love & Light,

Megan Aloe Kunkle aka The Great Meem

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