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Greetings in faith & love & may peace be with you all of your days! I’m here to help others find their narrow path — an easier way of life. A happier existence. Liberation & Purpose.

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#blacklivesmatter #LIFEmatters

Better late than never..this post got lost in my drafts instead of published!! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• When I put my skin next to yours, or yours, or yours, yours, or yours or yours know what I see? Umm, skin. I see human, God created, God given human FLESH. Know what I see when I look at your … Continue reading #blacklivesmatter #LIFEmatters

The Root

Find the seed. Jesus’ Root. Satans root. Blossoms. Planting seeds. Growing roots. De-seeding (on the other hand, finding seeds). De-rooting (finding roots – getting to the bottom of the root.. “the seed”). God IS “The Seed”. The Universe is The Seed. Religion is The Seed. Spirituality is The Seed. Science is The Seed. Math is … Continue reading The Root

My Vision

Manifestion Co-Creation Collaboration ​​​​​​​The art of finding your way out of that deep, dark depression and on the path to enlightenment stems from following the word of God.  From obeying the Laws of the Universe. Truly. I found the best way to help myself is to help someone else. Where did I find myself being directed … Continue reading My Vision

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